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Wife and mother of three, currently fighting metastatic lung cancer from a soft tissue sarcoma. On an experimental drug called Loxo101 that is at present working to eradicate the tumors. In order to keep receiving the drug I have to travel from Portland, OR to Denver, CO once a month for blood tests and other monitoring. The expense is more than my husband's salary can handle. If you like to join others who have helped with our fight please check out my GoFundMe site...

Closing to fight cancer

Sadly, I was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma in my left illiopsoas muscle last September.  Even after chemo and surgery to remove the tumor (which meant loosing that entire muscle bundle, part of the femoral blood vessels,  and part of … Continue reading

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Taking time off to fight!

Friends, I have received some scary news this week.  The doctors have found a soft tissue sarcoma in my left groin.  Right now they aren’t sure what stage it is our what specific type of sarcoma.  I will be having … Continue reading

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Back in action!

Just a little update: I finished my 1 year midwifery apprenticeship last fall and then had surgery on my shoulder, so I have been taking time out to heal and regroup. BUT, Now I’m ready to start taking clients again!! … Continue reading

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A beautiful documentary on what a Doula is and why they are needed.

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Know Your Rights!

Here is a great article written by Dr. Marsden Wagner on The Trusting Our Bodies Website: Every Mother’s Right to Birth How She Chooses: It’s best for you to know your rights.  You can birth at any hospital you choose when … Continue reading

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After Birth, What a family needs….

From Gloria Lemay: “Let me know if I can help you in any way when the baby is born.” … “Just let me know if you need a hand.” … “Anything I can do, just give me a call.” Most … Continue reading

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Normal Newborn Behavior and Why Breastmilk Isn’t Just Food-By Dr. Jenny Thomas

A baby at the breast is getting their immune system developed, activating their thymus, staying warm, feeling safe from predators, having normal sleep patterns and wiring their brain, and (oh by the way) getting some food in the process. Continue reading

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