Closing to fight cancer

Sadly, I was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma in my left illiopsoas muscle last September.  Even after chemo and surgery to remove the tumor (which meant loosing that entire muscle bundle, part of the femoral blood vessels,  and part of the femoral nerve bundle) the cancer still spread to my lungs.

Chemotherapy did nothing to reduce the masses in my lungs, so my family and I traveled to Denver, CO to take part in an experimental study for a drug that targets a unique genetic mutation that I happen to have. After a month on this drug I’m thrilled to report that the cancer in my lungs is shrinking and disappearing!

I still have a long road to travel, and the cost of my treatment and participation in the research study has already exceeded 15K. We have been truly blessed by people helping with our expenses so far, and I have to say that I’ve never felt so loved in all my life!

Sadly, I cannot work to bring in $$ for the costs associated with my treatment.  And as much as I love my doula and teaching business I must close down for now and focus on beating this cancer.

If you feel led to help in anyway,  you can follow the GoFundMe link: or send encouragement in whatever form directly to:

18235 SW Blanton St

Beaverton, OR 97078

Blessings to you all,



About Nichol Miller

Wife and mother of three, currently fighting metastatic lung cancer from a soft tissue sarcoma. On an experimental drug called Loxo101 that is at present working to eradicate the tumors. In order to keep receiving the drug I have to travel from Portland, OR to Denver, CO once a month for blood tests and other monitoring. The expense is more than my husband's salary can handle. If you like to join others who have helped with our fight please check out my GoFundMe site...
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