Back in action!

Just a little update:

I finished my 1 year midwifery apprenticeship last fall and then had surgery on my shoulder, so I have been taking time out to heal and regroup. BUT, Now I’m ready to start taking clients again!!

I have updated my availability on my calendar at Doula Match so please check over there for the dates I have open for clients! If for some reason your due date falls on an “unavailable” day please contact me. I may still be able to take you as a client depending on what my schedule actually is.

Don’t forget I also teach babywearing, cloth diapering, and new parent classes! If you have a group of new moms that you think would enjoy learning more about these topics please feel free to contact me!

I really am looking forward to serving families again during this most amazing time in their lives.




About Nichol Miller

Wife and mother of three, currently fighting metastatic lung cancer from a soft tissue sarcoma. On an experimental drug called Loxo101 that is at present working to eradicate the tumors. In order to keep receiving the drug I have to travel from Portland, OR to Denver, CO once a month for blood tests and other monitoring. The expense is more than my husband's salary can handle. If you like to join others who have helped with our fight please check out my GoFundMe site...
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