New to this game

WordPress is a new platform for me so be patient as I set it up and I promise you once I get the hang of it you won’t be disappointed!

I am a DONA trained Labor Doula working towards certification. As I move through this journey I will post things I find of use to pregnant moms and their support teams here, as well as articles, and items of interest for the birthing community.  As always any information you have may find here isn’t intended to treat or diagnose it is only offered as a jumping off point for discussions with your care providers and to help you decide what information on which you want to do more research. Please feel free to ask questions by following the form spring link on the right, but know they are public so keep your information safe!



“Follow Your Bliss” Joseph Campbell.


About Nichol Miller

Wife and mother of three, currently fighting metastatic lung cancer from a soft tissue sarcoma. On an experimental drug called Loxo101 that is at present working to eradicate the tumors. In order to keep receiving the drug I have to travel from Portland, OR to Denver, CO once a month for blood tests and other monitoring. The expense is more than my husband's salary can handle. If you like to join others who have helped with our fight please check out my GoFundMe site...
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